STAMBER DIGITAL specializes in sales conversion optimization by
using content marketing with intention.

Content Marketing that delivers the right message at the right time to the right consumer
triggers a specific action to capture users in the right moment.

We do not create or use content to just establish enterprise branding but instead use content to increase leads and conversions. We help you create the customer journey that works best for your brand. Let us help you reimagine your business for the digital age.

Our Work

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Some of Our Clients

Some of Our Clients

Acquire and retain customers quickly and cost effectively

We are content creators, content marketers and customer journey experts who execute marketing campaigns to capture users in a micro-moment.

Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.”
– Google

The Internet is made up of users in micro-moments,
that very moment where prospects want to act on something.


We go beyond building digital properties such as websites, mobile sites and apps. We create the content for specific marketing tactics to drive more customers to you.

We help you sell more and generate more leads by creating better customer experiences.

Traditional direct marketing, SEO and multichannel keyword buying are not enough any more!

How do you create a long-term brand messaging and expand your audience reach without breaking your budget?

By setting short-term channel marketing goals and executing an intentional and thoughtful content marketing strategy across digital channels that drives brand awareness, leads and conversions.

We Help You

  1. Create a multichannel content marketing strategy
  2. Expand and target your perfect audience
  3. Acquire more users
  4. Create more sales
  5. Distribute your content and brand message.
  6. Build loyalty with content that retains customers longer
Amber Cordero
Amber Cordero
Steve Smythe
Steve Smythe
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What We Do

Deliver thought leadership, original content through messaging, stories, campaigns, articles, videos, infographics, ebooks, apps, landing pages and microsites.

Execute targeted marketing campaigns across various audience segments, audience mindsets, personas across multiple digital channels.

Constantly test, optimize and challenge our digital marketing tactics for optimum performance across multiple digital channels.

We use data to gain insights that drive our content marketing strategies. All campaigns are set up with tracking to capture customer journeys and behaviors so we are constantly delivering the most relevant content to the right customer at the right micro-moment.

We connect physical and digital marketing content strategies to drive product sales, delivering one cohesive customer experience with your brand, online and offline.

What We Don’t Do


We do a lot of pre-planning before campaign launch, so we know what to expect for results.


We plan, launch, optimize, optimize and optimize.


Content Asset Creation
Video, ebooks, infographics, animation, motion graphics, copy, photography, articles, press releases, etc.

Campaign Strategy
We create and build the infrastructure, messaging, asset creation, audience segments, personas and targeting you need to execute a acquisition campaign for all digital channels from SEM to social to display. 

Digital Property Builds
To support successful campaigns, leads need to be directed to properties that will inspire a call to action and a conversion. We develop compelling landing pages, microsites and mobile apps. 


Content marketing
Conquesting Customer acquisition
Customer retention
Email Marketing – beyond the newsletter
Facebook Marketing
Google Marketing
Youtube Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Customer journey optimization
Message matching
Media spend optimization
Event marketing
Online/offline strategies
Surveys Contests


Native Ads
Display Media
Remarketing via Email
Mobile ads

Amber Cordero
Amber Cordero

Seasoned content marketing creator and digital marketing strategist specializing in acquisition and retention campaigns across all digital channels. Over 15 years in digital marketing content, strategy, campaigns and brand management plus over 20 years in traditional content.

Steve Smythe
Steve Smythe

Multi-disciplined senior level Information Architect, Technology manager and project leader with extensive qualifications in Digital Marketing Strategy, acquisition & retention, management, IA, UX, technology, and complex program/project development.